[Mailman-Users] hello, question about mailheaders

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Mar 16 07:58:07 CET 2006

daniel trejo wrote:

>hello everybody!.I'm a new  mailman user, I'm installing it for a mailing
>list on my university (UNAM). Until now I haven't had any problems with my
>configuration, but my boss (teacher) wants me to put a banner on every
>mail posted on  the list. The banner must be a jpeg image and it should be
>loaded from my server. I thought of putting a <src image> label on my header
>in regular delivery configuration, but it seems that < is  not allowed, the
>symbol &lt; appears instead; i've tried everything  " / and other
>characters before the < character but nothing seems to work.
>p.d i put no on my html to text checkbox

You can see the FAQ at
which explains

why you aren't able to add these characters, and

how you can get around that restriction

But it won't do you any good because even if you add something to the
header that looks like an HTML <img src=...> tag, it is in a
text/plain part of the message and will not be rendered as HTML.

See the thread containing the post at
for more on this.

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