[Mailman-Users] Forged from headers and non existent lists

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Mar 16 22:36:55 CET 2006

stupidmail4me wrote:

>My site is getting a lot of spam sent to my lists.
>They are being sent from unknown people using forged
>from headers. Mailman then sends an email to these
>forged from headers telling them so and so list
>doesn't exist.

Actually, Mailman doesn't send this mail. The Mailman 'post' wrapper
which is invoked by your MTA writes an error message 'post script,
list not found: %(listname)s' to stderr and exits with status = 1.

Your MTA is then returning an undeliverable message to the sender.

But, as Hans points out in another reply, only mail to valid list
addresses should be delivered to any Mailman wrapper in the first

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