[Mailman-Users] There currently are no publicly-advertised Mailmanmailing lists

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Mar 17 05:13:18 CET 2006

Travis Derouin wrote:
>I get the standard
>   Error: You are not authorized to create new mailing lists
>error when trying to create a new list through the browser, despite
>setting the both the site password and list creator password to
>something simple like abc123 with mmsitepass.

You're not the first person to complain of this, but I don't have an

>I did go through that FAQ a few times today, and tried out the
>different suggestions. Even creating a new list from the command line
>has the same problems after changing mm_cfg.py to include the 2
>hostname specifications. It's odd because in my current installation
>I'm just using the usual hostname for the server, with no virtual
>hosts involved.

Did you run fix_url on your existing lists?

>Do you have any debugging suggestions? Should I possibly add some
>logging statements to listinfo.py at around line 104 and recompile ?

First run bin/dumpdb on a lists/listname/config.pck and see what the
value of the web_page_url attribute is.

Then, if the list is advertised and the host portion of the url you are
accessing the listinfo page with matches the host portion of
web_page_url, the list should appear on the listinfo overview.

>There doesn't seem to be any indicitive messages in the logs. Is there
>also any reason why tarring up an existing working mailman
>configuration and swapping hostnames/DNS records might not work

If DNS, etc. is changed so that the installation on the new host is
accessed with the same names as before, it should work as before.

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