[Mailman-Users] There currently are no publicly-advertised Mailmanmailing lists

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Mar 17 18:59:54 CET 2006

Travis Derouin wrote:
>It'd probably be worthwhile for me to debug this a bit. I notice that
>any edits I make to /tmp/mailman-2.1.7/Mailman/Cgi/listinfo.py don't
>show up in src/listinfo when I do a make clean, make , even when I
>introduce syntax errors.

To move python from the unpack/build directory to the installation
directory, you do

make install

but as rich mentions in another post, just edit the Python in the
install directory and don't bother with make at all.

>Can you let me know how I can introduce some
>debugging statements to get some more info on this problem? I can look
>at the problem creating lists through the web too while I'm at it.

I suspect this is all going to turn out to be a web browser issue.

Here's what I'd look at first.

Check the host name in the heading of the listinfo page. I.e., hostname
in "hostname Mailing lists'. Is this the same as the URL hostname.

Then maybe try this patch which will write some stuff to a Mailman log
named 'debug'.

--- Mailman/Cgi/listinfo.py 2005-08-26 19:40:15.000000000 -0700
+++ Mailman/Cgi/listinfo.py 2006-03-17 09:27:43.718750000 -0800
@@ -65,6 +65,7 @@
 def listinfo_overview(msg=''):
     # Present the general listinfo overview
     hostname = Utils.get_domain()
+    syslog('debug','Hostname from get_domain() = %s', hostname)
     # Set up the document and assign it the correct language.  The
only one we
     # know about at the moment is the server's default.
     doc = Document()
@@ -85,6 +86,8 @@

     for name in listnames:
         mlist = MailList.MailList(name, lock=0)
+        syslog('debug', 'listname = %s; web_page_url= %s',
+               name, mlist.web_page_url)
         if mlist.advertised:
             if mm_cfg.VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW and \
                    mlist.web_page_url.find(hostname) == -1:

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