[Mailman-Users] A glitch in Mailman??

Tom Ray tom at detroitonline.com
Fri Mar 17 22:06:16 CET 2006

I'm running mailman on multiple sites (virtual mail server) and for each
installation I configured it for the domain inquestion only. The last
two installs that I did were with mailman 2.1.7 while the existing ones
were with 2.1.6. It appears that the mailing lists for all the domains
are working just fine but I'm running into a problem with the web site
side of it all.

All the domains installed with 2.1.7 are _not_ having any issues with
the web interface. However, all the domains setup with 2.1.6 are not
working. It claims there are no public lists to view and when I enter
the list to view (per the page's instructions) I'm being told the list
doesn't exist. It also says that the installed version is 2.1.7

Is there something I missed? I was under the impression that if I
configured each domain seperately it would not be an issue. Do I need to
run some sort of upgrade script on the sites using 2.1.6?


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