[Mailman-Users] vhost patchset for 2.1.7 (Debian, Exim)

Bretton Vine bretton at hivemind.net
Mon Mar 20 18:10:31 CET 2006

Hi, I wonder if anyone can point me in the appropriate direction of some
sorely lacking documentation on the patching of mailman to support
virtualhosts under exim.

Starting here:


It appears that there are two distinct forks to the patchset
(please correct me if I'm wrong)

Apply [1] to mailman source, then [2]
[1] http://nix.lauft.net/mailman/mailman-2.1.7-release-to-20060114.patch
[2] http://nix.lauft.net/mailman/mailman-2.1.7-20060114-to-vhost.patch


Apply [A] to mailman source, then [B]
[A] http://nix.lauft.net/mailman/mailman-2.1.7-release-to-vhost.patch
[B] http://nix.lauft.net/mailman/mailman-vh-2.1.7.patch

In both cases I've had to extensively edit the patches (paths etc) to
apply correctly to the source on my system and they don't work with
Debain sources either.

On top of that the sheer lack of documentation (especially if you're a
sysadmin and not a python developer) is quite confusing. I haven't found
any of the related sites (see below) to be of that much more use either.
And where there is documentation related to mailman and exim, I've
followed the instructions to the letter in terms of virtualhosts and
still have no luck.

I'm more than happy to put together whatever documentation is required
if I can mine someone's brain who understands the source or how to make
the patch sources work properly.

What's also interesting is that in the Debian installation of
mailman/exim the following files are created in /etc/exim4/conf.d
specifically for virtualhosting but using them seems to be an arcane
art. I can't seem to get the config working as implied by these  files
or find additional info about them:


Any assistance would be appreciated, thanks.

  (related sites)
  1. http://wiki.koumbit.net/VirtualMailman?highlight=%28Virtual%29
  2. http://www.exim.org/howto/mailman21.html
  3. http://www.tty1.net/virtual_domains_en.html

I did manage to get Neil Blakey-Milner's patch working briefly but it
wasn't sufficient for my needs. I know him so I contacted him directly
but he's unable to assist with tweaking the 2.1.7 patches to my needs.

  (Neil's original patches)
  1. http://mithrandr.moria.org/blog/139.html
  2. http://mithrandr.moria.org/blog/151.html

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