[Mailman-Users] Approving large messages results in MemoryError [solved]

Peter Veerman pveerman at nemo.kabelfoon.net
Mon Mar 20 21:53:59 CET 2006

>>How big are these attachments?
>Ranging from 1 to 5 MB

I solved it thanks to your (Mark Sapiro) clear explanation about the inner
working of mailman.

As you mentioned that it wasnt mailman causing the problem i went into my
configfiles of apache again and this time i found something i looked over

In the virtual host config running the mailman cgi script there were the
following lines:

RlimitCPU 50
RlimitMem 15000000

After commenting them out....IT WORKED!

As i have seen quite a lot of messages with alike errors without any
solution it might be interesting to add this to your FAQ?



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