[Mailman-Users] Admin email on errors?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Mar 20 22:46:55 CET 2006

Kurt Werle wrote:
>Ah-ha!  Now I see.  That was a start failure, not a death failure. 
>Gotcha.  So I'm now asking 2 questions: what fired mailmanctl at that

I have no idea?

>and why didn't it send the admin mail when it failed to start up?

Because it assumes that the admin is sitting in front of the console
typing 'bin/mailmanctl start' and can see the response on the console.

If in fact it is a script doing this, then it's up to the script to do
something about the failure.

>Casual inspection of mailmanctl looks like the exception thrown is not
>caught, which makes me wonder what the exit code is (I'm not much of a
>python coder).  Depending on what called mailmanctl that generated the
>exception in the first place, it seems like returning an error code would
>be plenty enough tell the caller to make noise.

Yes, It should return a non-zero exit status in this case, but it

Still, it would be nice to know what actually did the 'mailmanctl
start' in the first place, why it is trying to do this when Mailman
seems like it may still be running, and what if any effort it makes to
detect if anything went wrong.

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