[Mailman-Users] A wee bit of help

Dave Filchak dfilchak at sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 21 02:41:28 CET 2006

Hello all,

I need just a wee bit of help. I have just set up Mailman on my
secondary mail server host and the installation all is well I believe. I
am trying to set the list so that it is in the form of
list at somedomain.com. This domain is a domain that we host both web and
mail for. However, I can see an issue with this in that if I send an
email to the list using list at somedomain.com, the email will go to my
main mail server which does not have this list on it, nor does it have
the user list or list-bounces, nor any of the other required users for
the list to operate properly.  I have all the required aliases on my
secondary mail server but do I need some sort of alias in my file on the
main mail server to point these emails back to the secondary server?  I
get a user unknown error for the user lists and of course lists-bounce
when I send an email to it. By the way, I am also trying to set this up
as a one way or newsletter list. If I send an email to
lists at actualhostname.com, I get a "Sorry, only the site administrator
can post to this list." which means I am communicating with the new
list, although I should not be getting this message as the email I sent
it through is in the admin list on Mailman.

Any help with this would most sincerely be appreciated.



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