[Mailman-Users] A wee bit of help

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Mar 21 05:59:50 CET 2006

Dave Filchak wrote:

>Well, the email address I was trying to send it from was a member and I
>still got the notice that only admin types were allowed to post.

If it is a moderated member, it will get the same
member_moderation_notice as any other moderated member. The fact that
it's an owner is irrelevant.

>sure what is up with that

Did you read the post at
and the FAQs it references?

>but as far as the alias on the main mail
>server, would just be a normal:
>    list   list at secondarymail.com
>type of alias?

I suppose it might depend on the MTA, but I think that plus the other 9
list-* addresses.

The alternative is just to publicize the list at secondarymail.com
addresses if they work from outside.

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