[Mailman-Users] Continuing problem

Dave Filchak dfilchak at sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 21 08:00:27 CET 2006

Yeah, I missed that. Thanks. Almost there now. I really do appreciate
your patience. I will work on that sending Approve + password thing
tomorrow as its not a huge deal. However, one thing that still is. I
have configured the reply to in a way that I thought that the end user
would see a reply-to address in the headers that was not a reply to the
list. I have set the following:

Hide the sender of a message, replacing it with the list address
(Removes From, Sender and Reply-To fields): yes
Should any existing Reply-To: header found in the original message be
stripped? If so, this will be done regardless of whether an explicit
Reply-To: header is added by Mailman or not. : no
Where are replies to list messages directed? Poster is /strongly/
recommended for most mailing lists. : Explicit Address
Explicit Reply-To: header.: newsletter at clientdomain.com

However I still see:

From: turningpoints at clientdomain.com
Reply-to: turningpoints at clientdomain.com

Should the reply-to address not be newsletter at clientdomain.com?

Thanks again,


Mark Sapiro wrote:
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