[Mailman-Users] Hit a bug - only on this list - Memory does not appear to be the issue

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Mar 22 00:20:20 CET 2006

Rick G wrote:

>Well, I can't answer that - it runs on a VPS from Verio.  The only access I
>have is to mailman which was installed from their service as a script
>command in a telnet session almost 3 years ago.

In an earlier post, you said that you read the FAQ I pointed you to,
and your MemoryError issue was not the result of any memory limits
placed on CGI processes by the web server (actually, you said "We did
look for that - it does not exist in this situation." which I
understood to mean that).

Can you be sure of that in a Verio VPS environment?

>Of course, Verio is sticking with their standard tech support concept -
>"They do not provide technical support for add-on features such as mailman."
>Thus, here I am in the newsgroup.

And I'm trying to help you, but you don't know what software you're
running. It identifies itself in error tracebacks as 2.1.4, but you
say it was installed almost 3 years ago, and 2.1.4 was first released
less than two years and 3 months ago. It also seems to have at least
one incompatible 'mailowner' script from 2.0.x.

Also, I've asked a couple of very specific questions about the
request.db and pending.pck files which you seem to have totally

If you can't tell us what you're running, and you ignore specific
questions, it's really hard for us to help you.

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