[Mailman-Users] Hit a bug - only on this list - Memory does not appear to be the issue

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Mar 22 01:20:20 CET 2006

Rick G wrote:

>Okay - I know you're trying to help, I didn't mean to imply otherwise.  :)
>Please trust that your assistance is greatly appreciated.

And I didn't mean that I thought you didn't know I was trying to help.
I was only trying to explain why I was finding it difficult.

>Regrettably I missed the part about request.db (that doesn't seem to exist)
>and pending.pck (which is 2222 bytes).
>I do have access to many of the config files for mailman, sendmail and even
>have a copy of the httpd.conf file (which I do not have "live" access to).
>Finally, the current version may have been installed 2 years ago vice 3 (as
>time goes too fast anymore).
>I am running other lists on this same server - those lists are working fine.

Yes, I get that. I have two areas of concern for your installation. One
is that it appears to be 2.1.4, but somehow there's something that's
trying to run an incompatable 2.0.x script, although this doesn't
cause operational problems that you observe.

The other is the MemoryError issue. This is very difficult to diagnose.
Basically it is saying that we're doing something (in this case,
building the html for the admindb page) and the Python interpreter is
calling the C library malloc() function to allocate more memory and is
denied. The same code works for other lists, so what ever the issue
is, it's specific to this list. Note that the process that is
requesting more memory in this case is started as a CGI by the web
server when you go to the http://kictribe.org/mailman/admindb/clinic
URL, it runs, encounters the error and generates the "We hit a Bug"
page and terminates. Thus, only OS logs, if that, can tell us how big
it was, how much more memory it asked for and why it was denied.

What we do know is that we build this page from entries in (2.1.4)
lists/clinic/request.db. You say it doesn't seem to exist. Every list
should have one, even if it's empty. Do you see other files in this
directory like lists/clinic/config.pck and
lists/clinic/config.pck.last? If there really is no request.db, you
could try to copy one from another list that has no requests on its
admindb page and see if that helps.

Going back to the first issue, what's in the /etc/aliases file for
sendmail for these lists. Is there a set of 10 aliases per list as
shown in the 2.1.x part of item 2) in
or do some lists look like the four 2.0.x aliases, or is it some union
of these?

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