[Mailman-Users] Bounce issues with Yahoo - resolved

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Thu Mar 23 19:58:57 CET 2006

FYI, it turns out that the biggest reason Yahoo was hoding up my
emails was that my reverse DNS and the name of my mail server didn't
look enough alike. When I changed them to be the same, my backlog
quickly cleared.

I also have a backlog with verizon.net, see


That post is a bit old, I'm not sure what Verizon is doing right now,
but the upshot is that spam emails are getting 450 responses instead
of 5XX responses.

Verizon also has a spam policy which affects mailing lists:


To whit: 100 recipient max for single messages, 500/hour. I don't know
if that's per from line or per server, probably the latter. Exceeding
500/hour shuts off emails for 24 hours.

You can request to go on their whitelist at:


Since these issues are common to different mailing list managers, is
there a website that contains this kind of info? If not, should we
make one and advertise it to other mailing list communities?

-- greg

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