[Mailman-Users] Not receive email when posting to list

Jana Nguyen jnguyen at ncmir.ucsd.edu
Thu Mar 23 21:57:42 CET 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>Jana Nguyen wrote:
>>It seems that mailman can send out mail.  I get an email of confirmation 
>>when subscribing to the list, but the owner of the list doesn't get an 
>>email to approve the rquest nor do I received a copy of an email for a 
>>list that I am a member of.
#3 from the link above regarding smrsh.  I can't find smrsh on my redhat 
linux machine. 
I tried to check to see if MTA uses smrsh, but it's not there:

[birn-holly bin]# grep "smrsh" sendmail.cf
grep: sendmail.cf: No such file or directory

Next I tried to locate the smrsh dir:

[root at birn-holly bin]# ls -l /etc/smrsh
total 0
[root at birn-holly bin]# ls -l /usr/adm/sm.bin/
ls: /usr/adm/sm.bin/: No such file or directory

How do I setup smrsh to allow Mailman's wrapper program to run?

Thank you.

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