[Mailman-Users] A glitch in Mailman??

Tom Ray tom at detroitonline.com
Fri Mar 24 17:59:27 CET 2006


Thanks, I wasn't thinking about the HTTPD stuff. I must have not read
your previous email clearly enough. It fixed the problem.

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> Tom Ray wrote:
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> >Now here's where it gets funky for me. I changed the Virtual Host 
> >information in site five to match site one and tried to 
> setup the list 
> >again via the web interface and it worked! The list was 
> created. Now it 
> >gets even funkier, when I go to 
> http://lists.siteone.com/mailman/admin
> >it shows the list I 
> just created but not any of the current lists 
> >running under that site. When I go to 
> >http://lists.sitefive.com/mailman/admin it does not show 
> that list, but 
> >if I call on it directly via site five it prompts me for the 
> password.
> This is what I would expect. The virtual host info in mailman 
> only controls things like host name in links on the web 
> pages, etc. and what lists appear on the admin and listinfo 
> overviews. Everything you do on the web appears to operate on 
> site five.
> The most likely cause of the I think is in your web server 
> config. I think the
> scriptalias /mailman/ site_five_prefix/mailman/cgi-bin/
> is in the web server config in a global place, not in a place 
> where it applies only to the site five domain.
> Expanding on the above situation a bit, you changed the 
> (presumably) DEFAULT_URL_HOST in site five's mm_cfg.py to 
> 'lists.siteone.com' and created a list in site five's $prefix 
> which now has a web_page_url attribute like 
> 'http://lists.siteone.com/mailman/'. The other site five 
> lists all have web_page_url attributes like 
> 'http://lists.sitefive.com/mailman/', thus when you go to the 
> admin overview at http://lists.siteone.com/mailman/admin, it 
> shows only the new list because you are going to site five 
> really, and the new list is the only one whose web_page_url 
> matches the host in the url you went to.
> When you go to http://lists.sitefive.com/mailman/admin, you 
> see those lists, but not the new one.
> Again, everything tells me it's the web server running the site five
> cgi_bin/* wrappers regardless of which host you go to.
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