[Mailman-Users] shunting problem (unpack list of wrong size)

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Mar 24 18:28:52 CET 2006

Jim Savoy wrote:
>here is the dumbdb (the names were changed to protect the 
>innocent). I don't
>see anything unusual, and I should point out that this list has been up 
>and running for
>years without incident, and all of its users (only a dozen or so) have 
>sent to it
>successfully until a couple of weeks ago, using the same mail clients 
>they've always
>used. I even blew away and re-created the list from scratch last week, 
>and it was
>working fine until yesterday.

The particular message you dumped looks OK. We've possibly got more
than one issue. I'd still like to see the rest of that traceback.

>Now, no users can send to it (myself 
>included). Everything
>is put right into the shunt dira dn it stays there and cannot be 
>unshunted. Thanks.
>This user is sending with the squirrelmail web program, but the list 
>members use other
>clients as well (most of the users on this particular list are Mac users).

The most likely cause of this immediate problem in Mailman 2.1.5 is a
bad message in the list's digest.mbox file. If you look at
lists/list_name/digest.mbox with an editor, and you can't immediately
see a 'problematic' header that you can fix, rename the digest.mbox to
something else. This will probably allow normal processing to resume.
You may be able to unshunt the shunted messages, but there is likely
still a bad one there that will cause the problem all over again.

It may also be difficult to properly recover the digest.

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