[Mailman-Users] shunting problem (unpack list of wrong size)

Jim Savoy savoy at uleth.ca
Fri Mar 24 19:59:41 CET 2006

Mike wrote:

>It may also be difficult to properly recover the digest.
Hi Mike - problem solved and it had nothing to do with python, Mailman 
or any
of the mail clients. When I went to edit the digest.mbox file I noticed 
it was 1.4 gigabytes
in size (!). And this from a list that was just re-created a week ago 
and only had 5
messages sent to it. Turns out the list owner set it up so that there 
was no limit
on the size of the files users were allowed to send and one of the users 
sent a
1.4 gig .sit (Stuffit) file to the list (probably inadvertantly). Our 
MTA (exim)
wouldn't have delivered it anyway, but Mailman and python were going wild
trying to accomodate this large attachment (memory exhausted, plus a huge
swap file being created each time), I also run a cron job every hour to 
things and that certainly added to the chaos.

This also explains why other lists were either failing to deliver, or 
getting their
messages late. Mailman was busy doing other things.

It was not apparent from the messages in the shunt dir that this was a large
file. Only digest.mbox revealed that. I am going to go through all of 
our lists
now, searching for large digest files.

Thanks for all your help.

 - jim -

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