[Mailman-Users] Keep getting empty bounces

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Mar 25 16:19:06 CET 2006

Chris Mason wrote:
>Another strange thing, when I post from a moderator account by sending a 
>message, I get five replies. I get three bounces and two "TheOO post 
>from  requires approval", but with no subject and no sender.

I'm guessing that these too are bounces being returned to the list
address instead of or in addition to the list-bounces address.

>The only thing different I did was to recompile mailman to add vuser as 
>a group, to allow for my hosting software.

I think there may be some issue with the configuration of your outgoing
MTA. What happens if you send a message directly to one of these
addresses from the Mailman server using 'localhost' port 25 as the
smtp server? See the post at
for a way to do this. If you try the script in that post with your own
address as both the From: and the value of 'env', you should receive
back exactly what Mailman receives when it sends.

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