[Mailman-Users] Run mailman non-permanently?

Friedemann Schorer friedemann at kossegg.de
Thu Mar 30 13:26:11 CEST 2006

I'm running a Virtuozzo-based virtual Debian root-server (Sarge) which has
some limitations to trouble me a little - maybe you can help me a little?

The main problem for me is that there is a limited number of open files
allowed on that box, and mailman alone opens more than 600 altogether on
that box when started at system startup (according to 'lsof | grep -c
Now that I turned mailman off the box runs smoothly, but I can't use the
lists anymore :(

I tried to search google on starting mailman on incoming mails for the
lists, e.g. via inetd, but to no success.

Do you have any ideas on a possible solution?



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