[Mailman-Users] Getting duplicates when people CC list

Tony G 4ylyh9g02 at sneakemail.com
Mon May 1 01:03:21 CEST 2006

Brad Knowles wrote:
> Tony G wrote:
>>  I do not get dupes of all mails otherwise I'd suspect double
>>  subscription. The Avoid Duplicates flag is set. This only happens
>>  for mails that have the list in the CC -  I understand the dupe
>>  flag is for when people use ReplyAll and the recipient is in both
>>  the list of subscribers and the CC for the mail.
> 	It's not just the recipient, but the exact same recipient
> address.  So, if you're subscribed to the list with one address, and
> they cc: a different address of yours, then the system has no way to
> tell that these are both the same person.

No one on this list has any other address of mine and the dupes aren't to
threads where I have posted.  Checking with individuals and the headers I
am not being sent mail from anywhere except mailman.

>>                 I believe the code is supposed to filter duplicate
>>  Message-IDs to a given recipient no matter how those dupes are
>>  generated, but I'm getting them. Any ideas?
> 	No, the code doesn't work at the Message-ID level.  It works at
> the level of the listed recipients in the To: and CC: headers.

I was mislead by discussions like these:
And this code referred to in one of those threads:

> 	If you want filtering done at the Message-ID level, then you need
> to apply that on your end -- either use a program like procmail to
> filter all your incoming mail, or set up your MUA to discard
> duplicates, etc....
> 	There's nothing more that Mailman can do to help you.

I am filtering the dupes.  What confuses me is that they are only coming
from one list that uses mailman.  You sent TO me and CC'd the list but I
only got one copy as one would hope.  It's for this reason that I suspect
that this other list (mono-list at ximian) have some broken version of
Mailman.  Of course they put the blame back on my server or MUA.  All I'm
trying to do here is diagnose and help people to fix open source software.
Isn't that why we're all here?


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