[Mailman-Users] mailman vs yahoogroups

Ted Ernst ted at chicagohumanist.org
Wed May 3 04:46:22 CEST 2006

I just joined this list.  If this question has already been addressed,
please point me to where I can find it (I couldn't find it in the archives).

I live in a small (9 people) housing co-op.  We've been using a yahoogroup
for about 2 years and have not only residents, but also some close friends
on the list.  We decided we really neeed two lists, one for just
owners/residents and one for announcements and/or low-traffic discussion
about events - this one for our friends.  So very small.

I suggested using mailman hosted by mayfirst.org and that was accepted.  We
now have two lists.  Problem is, it's not like yahoogroups.  I don't care,
but I need some info to back up my contention that it's better to be using
an open souce product we can partner on developing than be using "the man"
with ads and not ownership of our own stuff and such.

Is there anything like this, addressing the supposed reasons to stay with
yahoogroups instead of mailman?


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