[Mailman-Users] trouble running mailman in a virtual environment

wiren wiren at barpanaro.it
Wed May 3 10:00:49 CEST 2006

I have a virtual server at some provider.

They have an how-to to install and run mailman.

The OS is freebsd.

Some days ago, my consultant installed mailman, following their how-to 

Version 2.1.7, the latest available.

When we started and tested mailman, it worked right, so we transfered 
our lists from another server.

Then a problem arose, mailman got stuck. My consultant went to see the 
log and noticed several *interrupted system calls*.

We thought it was due to a limitation of mailman in virtual environments.

As a workaround we put a script to restart mailman every 5 minuts.

All went smooth for a few days until last friday, when mailman got stuck 
again and restarting it did not solve the problem.

My consultants watched the logs more carefully and they reported several 
"interrupted system calls".

After a couple of days, mailman started to run again (we guess it was 
due to the cron script) and released all the previous mail.

Incoming mail is always received regularly, no user receive errors and 
it is always immediately put into the on line archive of the lists, it 
just do not get delivered untile mailman starts delivering again...

Do you know of any problem relating to running mailman in virtual 
environment? Any other hint? Unfortunately, log files are too concise to 
get a good idea of what the problem is related to...

Thank you.


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