[Mailman-Users] Automated announcements

Christopher X. Candreva chris at westnet.com
Wed May 3 19:33:52 CEST 2006

On Tue, 2 May 2006, Robert Seymour wrote:

> I would like to send out announcement emails M-F (in cron?) stating
> something like "Check out todays cartoon at
> http://birdbreath.com/images1/20060502.png" with the dated file name
> changing each day.

> Does Mailman have the capability to do this? If so, where can I find

No, but you don't need it to. It's a separate problem.  Mailman's job is 
simply to distribute mail sent to it to all members. What you are looking 
for is something that will generate a dated e-mail at a given time to "some 
address" .  That "some address" happens to be a mailing list is irrelavant.

That's the beauty of breakign problems into little pieces, and solving each 

Really, all you want is some little script to generate an e-mail with a 
dated link and send it to the mailing list address.  A few lines of shell or 
perl can do it.

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