[Mailman-Users] Remove sender from list?

Allan Hansen hansen at rc.org
Thu May 4 17:09:28 CEST 2006


Set the user's option to 'nomail', send the message
and set the user's option back.
You'll need admin access to do that, though, as moderators don't have
access to the options.

At 9:11 +0200 5/4/06, Alan wrote:
>Is it possible to remove exclude someone form the list for just one time 
>using some keywords or headers?
>Situation is:
>I have a list named "123"
>I have a user "user1" in that list
>I get a mail from user1 and want to forward it to list 123 but would 
>like to exclude user1 from the list for that one time
>I hope you understand what I mean :-)

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