[Mailman-Users] Double attachments

Osmo Kujala KUJALA at jylk.jyu.fi
Fri May 5 09:14:32 CEST 2006

Mark wrote

> Scrubber scrubs the attachment twice. Once for the archive and once for
> the 'plain' digest, so you wind up with two copies.

> One way to avoid this is to set scrub_nondigest to Yes for the list.

Okay thanks, but first we have to upgrade from 2.1.5.

> Then the attachment will be scrubbed from all messages before
> digesting and archiving. Or, you can disable digests entirely for the
> list.

Our problem is more complicated. We have almost disk full of
archives and have to use own script to cut archives by some date.
Script uses /usr/lib/mailman/bin/arch to reconstruct archives
after mbox-file has been cut. If arch will scrub attachments
for digest too, then there might be situation that cutting
archive take's more disk space while purpose was to free space.
(I haven't seen that happen.)


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