[Mailman-Users] unknown email address error reporting?

Massimiliano Lehmann lehmann at lsd.it
Mon May 8 14:45:25 CEST 2006

     I'm installing a mailman system that should act mainly as a 
newsletter server (restrict posting from selected email adresses 
only, and mails sent to our customers, about 10000 addresses) for our 
marketing dept.

Marketing people (not so tekkie people...) want to have (I WANT they 
have..., for my sakeness :) ) a simply-to-manage, by mail if 
possible, error reporting for unknown email adresses inserted in 
every mailing list they have to use.
example:  if in a mailing list is inserted a wrong address,  i.e.: 
wrong.address at unknown-domain.unk, they must receive a warning, by 
mail, stating that wrong.address at unknown-domain.unk generated an 
error (tipically an unknown address error).

I didn't find  a configuration to do do that, sending such error 
messages to list administration mail address defined in thew "General 
options page" ?

Is that possible, and how it is possible? :)

Im using a slackware 10.2 + postifx + mailman 2.1.8 system.

Massimiliano Lehmann
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