[Mailman-Users] mailman (+vexim +exim) -- web interface uses absolute urls... to elsewhere

will at serensoft.com will at serensoft.com
Mon May 8 15:49:15 CEST 2006

after many, many iterations and googling left and right, we've finally
made some progress on our email setup -- but mailman's web interface
keeps generating absolute links off-site! including the form submits...
not good!

- debian (testing/unstable)
- exim4-daemon-heavy (4.61-1 via apt-get)
- mailman (2.1.7-2.1.8rc1-1 via apt-get)
- vexim (downloaded & installed 2.0.1)

all's well EXCEPT...

within the web interface for mailman
(http://site.name/cgi-bin/mailman/*) ALL admin links are absolute, and
point to a DIFFERENT virtual host on the same server. it's all written
in python, and from what i can tell the culprit is in ScriptURL inside
Mailman/Utils.py: in particular, when viewing
https://site.name/cgi-bin/mailman/admin/test to administer the TEST
list, all links are absolute, pointing to
http://other.site/cgi-bin/mailman/admin/test/* -- no https, and on to a
different web server.

things we tried, to make the URLs link relative to the current host,
current protocol, and current request-path:

we added
DEFAULT_HOST_NAME = 'site.name'
DEFAULT_URL = 'https://site.name'
to /etc/mailman/mm_cfg.py (after seeing the comments in
/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/Default.py and confirming it in MailList.py)
to no effect. [maybe the python files aren't being recompiled?
timestamps indicate .pyc are being recompiled from the .py files.]

we ran 'hostname site.name' to fix it in ram, and then restarted
mailman, exim, and apache. no good.

we reset /etc/hostname and rebooted the computer, no good.

it's almost as if the other site name is hard-wired into the code,
but of course that's ludicrous, as it's another virtual host on the
same machine. how do we get relative links?

any ideas?

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