[Mailman-Users] Internet Service Providers and Spam

Phil usps paa at usps.org
Tue May 9 15:08:34 CEST 2006

We are in the middle of a contest with a very large, popular, and
well-established ISP, who insists on declaring as spam, any message sent to
more than 100 of its customers. Since it is "spam", it is automatically
bounced, and hundreds of our list members not only do not receive the
message, the Mailman bounce features handle the bounce action as instructed.
This can lead to "disable" or "discard".

One obvious way to circumvent the problem is to manually split the list into 
and create, a list of lists. This will work OK with a one-way list, but
seems much more complicated with a two-way (discussion) list.

Short of trying to chase our list members to a different ISP, does anyone
have a suggestion on how to split a discussion list? Negotiations with the
ISP are not proceeding satisfactorily, in spite of our server being on his
White List, and messages on other lists, with fewer addresses, are going

Currently use v 2.0.5, and planning a switch to v2.1.x when we switch 

Philip Arcuni
Chairman, Information Technology Committee
Mail List Administrator 

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