[Mailman-Users] site defaults file

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Tue May 9 16:19:17 CEST 2006

On 9 May 2006, at 14:29, Steve Campbell wrote:

> How is the mm_cfg.py file and the sitelist.cfg file supposed to  
> differ in
> usage? My impression was that mm_cfg.py had the majority of the  
> defaults for
> all sites, but is the sitelist.cfg (or a file copied and tailored to a
> specific site) something that can be used to modify individual  
> sites upon
> creation? Are both used when creating a site?

mm.cfg is used to configure Mailman's overall behaviour and some per  
list defaults. It is read when Mailman qrunners are started and by  
most of Mailman's cron and bin scripts.

In general you are going to use mm_cfg to get your Mailman  
installation up and running the way you want. telling Mailman about  
the email and web hosts it works as, which outbound SMTP server to  
use, etc.

sitelist.cfg is aimed at providing a defaults list configuration for  
the mandatory site list, usually called "mailman". It is for use with  
the bin/config_list to apply those settings to that list. It is also  
a model for such per list config templates that you can generate for  
setting up particular types of mailing list.

I have never touched sitelist.cfg and I have been running Mailman for  
a few years through all versions since MM 2.0.3. However, I do  
package list configurations for various types of list for simplifying  
setup of new lists, for example my "standard" one way announcement  
list, my "standard" closed subscription list with private archives,  
my "standard" open subscription list with open archives, etc.

> In other words, what is the purpose of each file?
> Steve Campbell
> campbell at cnpapers.com
> Charleston Newspapers

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