[Mailman-Users] Not all subscribers receiving list mail.

Jim Popovitch jimpop at yahoo.com
Tue May 9 19:07:01 CEST 2006

Patrick Bogen wrote:
> On 5/9/06, Bryan Daniel <Bryan.Daniel at ucfv.ca> wrote:
>>     raise SMTPServerDisconnected('please run connect() first')
>> SMTPServerDisconnected: please run connect() first
>> May 08 16:27:15 2006 (32223) SHUNTING:
>> 1147130009.4508071+7c8069de27c09b68a08e7a123824ede909892f59
>> May 08 16:27:15 2006 (32223) Cannot connect to SMTP server localhost on port
>> smtp
> This is definitely *why* you're losing posts

It looks like the MTA on the localhost is probably rejecting connections 
due to a high load avg or too many incoming connections (from Mailman?) 
  You probably need to tweak tweak your MTA settings to make it more 

-Jim P.

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