[Mailman-Users] Rpms for RHEL/Centos 4?

Oliver Schulze L. oliver at samera.com.py
Thu May 11 20:33:48 CEST 2006

Hi Brad,
I have been reading the patches from RedHat to mailman 2.1.5
Many of them are modification for RH and/or bug patches.

But there is one patch that I found important, and it is the
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) patch.

Does mailman 2.1.8 support FHS?

Many thanks

Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 12:55 PM -0400 2006-05-05, Oliver Schulze L. wrote:
>>  anyone knows where to find rpms for the latest version of mailman?
>>  I need for CentOS 4.3
>     Try looking on their pages, and using their resources for RPMs. We 
> do not provide any binary package versions of Mailman, and we don't 
> support any modifications that may have been made by someone who 
> created a binary packaged version of Mailman.
>     We support the version of Mailman that is available in our 
> tarballs from our servers, and which you can install from source on 
> your own server.  Alternatively, you could pay someone else to install 
> that for you, or you could use a service provided by someone else, 
> etc....
>     To the degree that a binary packaged version of Mailman looks, 
> smells, and feels just like the version that we make available in 
> source form in our tarballs on our servers, we can provide support.

Oliver Schulze L.
<oliver at samera.com.py>

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