[Mailman-Users] Rpms for RHEL/Centos 4?

Oliver Schulze L. oliver at samera.com.py
Fri May 12 05:10:18 CEST 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> At the time John developed the patch, Tokio was pretty much the only
> person actively working on the 2.1.x branch. The necessary 'additional
> testing' mentioned in the above referenced thread was not done for
> lack of resources. This doesn't mean the patch is dead - it is still
> potentially a candidate for 2.2.
I understand.
Maybe the patch can be included (with a big warning) in the next alpha 
release of
mailman 2.1.x so that people can test it.
I think that if the patch does not change the behavior of the configure 
script until it
is told to do so, it can be a nice addition to mailman. Because people 
who does not
use it, won't be affected.

Personally, I can test on RH Linux, from RH9 to RHEL 2.1/3/4


Oliver Schulze L.
<oliver at samera.com.py>

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