[Mailman-Users] Mailman and forwarded emails

Adrian adrian at moohoohoo.com
Fri May 12 05:44:19 CEST 2006

I have a question about mailman. I am trying to have a situation where by I
can send an email to maillinglist at pirateship.org.au and have that then sent
to my mailinglist. The mailinglist at pirateship.org.au is just a mail
forwarding rule at zonedit which forwards all mail to that address on
to pirateshipmailinglist at moohoohoo.com
which is the actual address for my mailinglist. The forwarding through
zonedit is working AOK but there is some problem with the mailinglist at my
moohoohoo.com domain. The mailinglist does not seem to receive the forwarded
messages. I think there may be a filter or some other setting within the
mailinglist which is preventing the forwarded messages getting on to the
mailinglist. What do you think?
 Just so you know:-
message -> pirateshipmaillinglist at moohoohoo.com -> gets on to the list AOK
message -> maillinglist at pirateship.org.au (set to forward to a standard
email address) -> gets on to the email address AOK
message -> maillinglist at pirateship.org.au (set to forward to
pirateshipmaillinglist at moohoohoo.com) -> does *not* get on to the list and
seems to disappear (no error in delivery messages etc)
I really think there must be some settings in the mailinglist software to
fix this. Hoping you can help.

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