[Mailman-Users] Can new-user approval be assigned to moderators by subgroup membership of user?

Ned T. Sahin sahin at post.harvard.edu
Fri May 12 20:41:27 CEST 2006

Please can someone tell if/how one can implement the below with Mailman:

Goal: launch a university-wide mailing list for students at a large 

* Each student needs to be verified by a moderator before being allowed 
to join, so non-students can’t.
* Problem: too much work for one central moderator or set of moderators, 
to know who is or isn’t a student (potentially 40,000 users).
* Luckily, each student lives in some dorm on campus and each dorm has a 
master who should know all the students, so the natural moderator 
responsibility should fall on dorm masters.

* On Mailman user screen, student should be able to pick his/her dorm 
from a drop-down list as required part of the signup.
* Then Mailman should send the request specifically and only to the dorm 
master for the student.
* That dorm master should be able to approve the request.

So: is this possible?


BTW – this isn’t actually for a university but a more decentralized 
organization, so please don’t tell me that the university’s central 
records should already have students’ e-mails! Thanks!

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