[Mailman-Users] Mailman as a newletter manager

Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Sun May 14 19:36:15 CEST 2006

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Julianna wrote:
> I am looking for software to manage a newsletter, and I think that
> with some configuration I can do this with Mailman. The end-product
> I want is a newsletter with content contributed my subscribers and
> non-subscribers, with a list of the "posts" followed by the actual
> content. At the basic level, I was able to achieve this with a
> moderated digest-mode list. However, I would also like to make the
> following changes, and am not sure how:
> 1. Remove the header information for the digest, as it deters from
> the newsletter. This would be the From, Date and Message ID (I would
> like to be able to keep the Subject). I know there is the "Hide the
> sender of a message, replacing it with the list address (Removes
> From, Sender and Reply-To fields)" option, but that is not enough.

I'm not sure if you can remove all the digest details you want without
changing the mailman code a little.  That's not too hard really, but
might not be an option if you're using mailman on a shared web host.

> 2. Allow moderators to make changes to the submissions, in case
> spelling or punctuation errors are found.

Mailman doesn't have a facility to edit the messages, AFAIK.

> 3. Suppress the autoresponder for non-subscriber posts but allow the
> autoresponder for all posts. For all posts, I want an autoresponse
> sent with more information. I was able to get this to work, but an
> autoresponse is also sent for the "Post by non-member to a
> members-only list" reason. If I set "Send mail to poster when their
> posting is held for approval?" to "No", then no responses are sent;
> if I set this to "Yes" and also set "Should Mailman send an
> auto-response to mailing list posters?" to yes, non-subscribers get
> two messages. Is there a way to suppress the "Post by non-member to
> a members-only list" autoresponder?

In thinking about the scenario you're trying to achieve (and bear in
mind that I haven't had any caffeine or sugar yet today), it might be
simplest to direct posters to send submissions to the moderators
directly and let them format and/or correct them and then have them
post to the full list.  You could even use a separate list for those
moderators so that they would all see the submissions and know if
someone else had already handled a submission.

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