[Mailman-Users] Internet Service Providers and Spam

Phil usps paa at usps.org
Sun May 14 20:15:18 CEST 2006


Thank you for your insightful response. Still trying to work with the ISP 

Thanks again, Phil

Philip Arcuni
Chairman, Information Technology Committee
United States Power Squadrons

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> At 9:08 AM -0400 2006-05-09, Phil usps wrote:
>>  We are in the middle of a contest with a very large, popular, and
>>  well-established ISP, who insists on declaring as spam, any message sent 
>> to
>>  more than 100 of its customers. Since it is "spam", it is automatically
>>  bounced, and hundreds of our list members not only do not receive the
>>  message, the Mailman bounce features handle the bounce action as 
>> instructed.
>>  This can lead to "disable" or "discard".
> All your attempts to work around this problem are likely to result in more 
> pain and hassle for you.  If the messages are legitimate, you need to work 
> with the ISP in question.  If they refuse to do that, then cut them loose 
> and tell everyone who is a customer of that ISP that they are not welcome 
> on your lists.
> If you do anything else, said ISP is likely to consider your efforts to be 
> the same as any regular spammer that tries to by-pass their anti-spam 
> efforts, and will treat this as proof that you are, in fact, spamming 
> their members.
> Yes, this includes AOL, Yahoo!, hotmail, and all the others.
> Yes, I was Sr. Internet Mail Administrator for AOL, and I have personal 
> experience from the other side.  I know how they work. That's part of why 
> I don't work there anymore.
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