[Mailman-Users] approval password linked to sender rather than list?

David Lee t.d.lee at durham.ac.uk
Mon May 15 18:59:54 CEST 2006

On Mon, 15 May 2006, Brad Knowles wrote:

> At 10:01 AM +0100 2006-05-15, David Lee wrote:
> >                                                    Is there a facility, or
> >  plans for such, for each permitted sender to have (optionally) their own
> >  password, useable across many lists?
> 	This is a very good question.  I'm glad you brought it to this list.
> 	I'm pretty sure that there is no facility in Mailman today to
> achieve what you're looking for.  I see no problem with the concept,
> but I will let others answer the technical issues of how it might be
> done, etc....

Glad it seems reasonable.  Thanks.

> 	If you haven't done so already, I would encourage you to file
> this as a Request For Enhancement on the Mailman SourceForge page at
> <http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=103&atid=350103>.

Thanks.  Done.

> 	I'm not convinced that having per-user approval passwords would
> help the moderators act in a more consistent manner, but it certainly
> wouldn't hurt.

Hm?  The idea is that the genuine sender should be able to avoid
moderation in the first place.

As an aside, is there a way to do "Approved:" as a header (rather than as
first line of message-body) if the client is Outlook?  OWA?

> >                              What are the drawbacks (those that would have
> >  significantly worse problems/weaknesses than existing mechanisms)?
> 	About the only thing I can think of that might be an issue would
> be that there would now be more data to manage, and of course the
> problem of feeping creaturism.

Thanks.  Being new to Mailman (although with (too) many years' worth of
Majordomo behind me) I wanted to do a basic sanity-check of the idea

> >  If not yet possible, but acceptable in theory (perhaps with amendments),
> >  then we would hope to consider volunteering some effort into coding it.
> 	If you code such a feature (or have it done for you), and then
> upload that to the Mailman patch page on SourceForge at
> <http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=103&atid=300103>, you would
> be much more likely to get this feature incorporated into a future
> version of Mailman.


The big question is: which version should we base it on?  We would be
looking to put into into local production (assuming we did it) fairly
soon, but also be looking to get it incorporated into future versions.
So Mm 2.1.x?  2.2.x?  How different are those two versions?  (I'm assuming
not 3.x because that seems to be some way off yet.)

Thanks again.


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