[Mailman-Users] approval password linked to sender rather than list?

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Mon May 15 20:46:24 CEST 2006

At 5:59 PM +0100 2006-05-15, David Lee wrote:

>>  	I'm not convinced that having per-user approval passwords would
>>  help the moderators act in a more consistent manner, but it certainly
>>  wouldn't hurt.
>  Hm?  The idea is that the genuine sender should be able to avoid
>  moderation in the first place.

	That's not what I was referring to.  I was referring to the 
things that would wind up in the moderator queue (potentially due to 
lack of appropriate password), and how those might be handled in an 
inconsistent manner.

	Whether it's a per-sender approval password or a per-list 
approval password, once you're past the automated system and your 
post is approved, then the moderators aren't going to see or touch it.

	However, while I see some advantages to allowing this route as an 
optional alternative, I think the bigger problem is the inconsistency 
in the way the moderators will tend to handle the stuff that gets 
dumped into their queue.

	Unfortunately, I'm not sure there's much you can do to try to 
solve that part of the problem.  ;)

>  As an aside, is there a way to do "Approved:" as a header (rather than as
>  first line of message-body) if the client is Outlook?  OWA?

	I'm not familiar with those clients.  Others on the list might be 
more familiar with them, but you might also want to see if there are 
other mailing lists, forums, FAQs, etc... that would be oriented 
towards the specific clients you're interested in.

>  The big question is: which version should we base it on?

	Start with the latest current version -- 2.1.8.  If the feature 
is going to be incorporated into a future version then Tokio, Mark, 
or Barry can do any necessary work that might be required to bring it 
into whatever version they're working on.

	But I would strongly encourage you to make sure you follow the 
same style and programming methods, so that the amount of work needed 
to integrate your suggested feature would be minimized.

>                                                            We would be
>  looking to put into into local production (assuming we did it) fairly
>  soon, but also be looking to get it incorporated into future versions.


>  So Mm 2.1.x?  2.2.x?  How different are those two versions?  (I'm assuming
>  not 3.x because that seems to be some way off yet.)

	I think 2.2.x is still in fairly formative stages right now, and 
anything that would be required to bring the code up from the 2.1.8 
baseline to 2.2.x should be something that Tokio, Mark, or Barry can 
do as needed.

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