[Mailman-Users] Everything is an attachment

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Wed May 17 16:44:00 CEST 2006

I have set up a list that is used for announcements only. There is a list of 
members, but only a few can post. No digests, just immediate delivery. We 
have a mixed bag of recipient MUAs here, and although OE receives the mail 
normally, Outlook users receive email with the header only in the body of 
the email, and the real body and footer as attachments.

I have searched the archives/FAQ for a solution and may have found an 
answer, but am not sure. The FAQ 4.39 seems to indicate no real solution 
other than changing MUA, but in


the solution was a blank line in the footer. I have a header with a carriage 
return that forms the blank line. Although this is easy to test to see if 
this is really the problem, is there an easy way to create the separator 
line to allow a blank line between the header and body other than asking 
each poster to remember to put a blank line at the top of the body? I'm 
still not sure why the footer is also an attachment.

I checked the sender's Outlook prefs and checked the "Send as plain text" in 
his Contacts for this particular address, but that did not help. Can anyone 
think of another place I may need to change something?

In the mean time, I will change the header and retest.


Steve Campbell
campbell at cnpapers.com
Charleston Newspapers

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