[Mailman-Users] disappearing CC lines

Imre Gergely imre.gergely at astral.ro
Thu May 18 14:49:00 CEST 2006


i have some problems with a mailman list.
if i send from user A, to list L, and CC to B and C (where A,B,C are list
members on the same list), the mail i got back from the list (to user A) is
missing a CC address.
i mean when i look at the message (using firefox) there is only one user (B) in
the CC list, the other one is gone.

i don't know why this is. could somebody help me out?

i tried to send the same mail to another address too (like yahoo), with CC, and
it appears alright. so i don't think it's my MTA.

MTA: postfix-2.2.2, mailman: 2.1.5, distrib: Fedora Core 2

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