[Mailman-Users] No mail from list (was: Stupid Newby Setup question)

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu May 18 15:38:25 CEST 2006

At 10:53 PM +0930 2006-05-18, PC At Last wrote:

>  Mailman version 2.1.7.cp1
>  Kernel version  2.4.21-40.ELsmp
>  Apache version  1.3.34 (Unix)
>  PERL version  	5.8.7
>  PHP version  	4.4.1
>  MySQL version  	4.0.25-standard
>  cPanel Build  	10.8.2-RELEASE 83

	See FAQ 6.11 at 

	In short, you need to work with your cPanel hosting provider and 
use the cPanel public support forums, because there's all sorts of 
changes that they've made to the code base which they have not 
informed us of, and our ability to provide support is very limited.

	We'll try to provide what help we can, but since you're using a 
commercially modified version of Mailman, you really should be 
getting all your support through the organizations that provide that 
commercial product to their customers, or the vendor of the product.

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