[Mailman-Users] Batch member attributes

Benjamin Roger rogerben at rz.hu-berlin.de
Mon May 22 21:53:54 CEST 2006

Hello everyone,

I am somewhat desperate - I need a few people to be able to post on 
about 80 lists (cascaded) here, without moderation (moderation being the 
default setting for members).
I think that to achieve this, I need to add them as members - and then 
change their attributes, so they're not moderated, and do *not* receive 
mails (80 times...).

Adding them shouldn't be that much of a problem, with the add_members 
But I wonder about changing the attributes. Is there a way, via withlist 
or anything else, to batch this kind of task?

I would greatly appreciate any help.

Best regards,

Benjamin Roger

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