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Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Tue May 23 04:50:24 CEST 2006

Everett Johnson sent the message below at 19:07 5/22/2006:
>Today I created several email lists.  On all of them, when I send a
>message to the list (which I am subscribed to) I get the message with
>the correct "To:" and "From:" headers, but the "Sender;" header is set
>to listname-bounces at mydomain.com.  For example if the list is
>mylist at mydomain.com, "Sender:" on any received messages is set to:
>mylist-bounces at mydomain,com.  The message body is correct and To and
>  From are correct.
>How can I correct this.
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That is the normal default behavior for Mailman.

What it means is that Mailman has sent the mail to the list on behalf 
of the person posting.

I'm not sure why you consider this a problem, Mailman is not the only 
application that manipulates this header, there are other mailing 
list managers and MUAs that do it also.


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