[Mailman-Users] What does the following Mailman Error Suggest?

Patrick Bogen pdbogen at gmail.com
Wed May 24 16:32:58 CEST 2006

On 5/24/06, Odhiambo Washington <wash at wananchi.com> wrote:
> <cut>
> May 23 23:32:07 2006 (15435) delivery to wash at wananchi.com failed with code -1: (8, 'hostname nor servname provided, or not known')
> May 23 23:32:08 2006 (15435) Low level smtp error: (8, 'hostname nor servname provided, or not known'), msgid: <mailman.0.1148415149.15
> 292.warta_01 at warta.wananchi.com>
> </cut>
> What does it suggest I do?

My guess would be that your SMTPHOST isn't set, or isn't set properly.
Check your Defaults.py and your mm_cfg.py for these values. If it's
not in either one, or if it's wrong in Defaults.py, add SMTPHOST =
'<hostname>' to your mm_cfg.py. If it's wrong in mm_cfg.py, of course,
fix it.

- Patrick Bogen

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