[Mailman-Users] Install issues

Defryn, Guy G.P.Defryn at massey.ac.nz
Thu May 25 00:35:07 CEST 2006

Hi there,

I am new to mailman/postfix and this is my first post.

We are looking at replacing majordomo/sendmail. I don't know anything about that either :-)

I managed to install postfix on a FreeBSD box and replace sendmail.
I was able to send mail on the local server and everywhere else. So far so good.
I installed mailman and got the web interface to work. I managed to create some lists, subscribed some users etc. Originally they received the message to confirm etc.

Everything seemed fine until I posted to the list. The main issue was that it could not find the user locally (550 error). I assume that something is going wrong with the alias sync.

I am going to start over again, fresh install and use Fedora Core 5. Reason for this is that we use FC as a distro and they will not let me use FreeBSD in production.

If someone can tell me what could possibly have caused the issues above that would be great.

We have a complicated mail setup here at work. We have a mixture of exchange and pop3. Everything gets relayed through one server running sendmail (we'd like to replace that too eventually).
I specified a relayhost originally pointing to our smtp server and that seemed to work.



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