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Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
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Charles J. Hargrove wrote:
> I recently had to rebuild my server after a long run of 6 years.
> The drive that contained the Mailman archives, mailing lists, member
> records, etc was mounted as the secondary drive so that I would not
> lose the info.  The server was rebuilt with Fedora Core 5 and the
> latest versions of the rest of the software (Mailman, Sendmail,
> Postfix, Squirrelmail, etc).
> Everything is working now as far as the mailing lists and membership
> records.  However, none of the messages are being archived,
> evethough the flags on the admin page are set to allow archiving.
> Any ideas where I should be looking to correct this problem.

Are you using the FC5 mailman package or did you build it from source?
The locations of the directories are changed in the FC package.  Is it
possible that your apache setup is looking in the wrong place for the

Are the archive mboxes getting created?  On a standard source install
they should be at:


The FC5 package has them at:


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