[Mailman-Users] list stop sending - no changes to server or mailman in months

John Adamski adamski at graceland.edu
Sun May 28 04:29:11 CEST 2006

An update on this problem: (recap: lists stop working after turning
on/off Exchange filtering)

Thursday night did a Live Meeting with a Microsoft tech and got the SMTP

connector to work again between out Exchange front-end and the server 
hosting mailman.  That's the good news. 

The bad news is some people on a list will get a email and other will 
not.  Example: I have a test list I use has me and 3 co-workers on it. 
I get the email, the others don't.  We have the main campus email list 
that has a few hundred people on it, most people did not get a test 

The post & SMTP logs seem to indicate it got the email and sent it ok, 
but its not getting there.  Exchange logs seem to indicate it got the 
email from mailman and is sending it. 

Where can I go to verify who,what,when mailman sent a email.  I don't 
know mailman's internals so not sure if it generates a email per 
memeber on a list or sends a email with all member on one email.  So 
not sure what I should be looking for to resolve this issue. 

The short recap of what is happening now Exchange sends email to list 
on out mailman server, mailman is doing something with it and then it 
seems to be sending it back to Exchange to deliver but not everyone is 
getting the email. 

Any help or ideas of what to look at/for, let me know 


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