[Mailman-Users] Some beginner questions

Defryn, Guy G.P.Defryn at massey.ac.nz
Sun May 28 22:59:09 CEST 2006

Hi guys,

I have mailman running in a basic configuration now and all seems to

I'd like to change the way the email address appears.

We have a naming standard for our computers as follows e.g.
I have created an alias in the DNS called lists.mydomain.com

I post my message to mailman at lists.mydomain.com
and it arrives fine.

The sender appears to be mailman-bounces at it012345.mydomain.com
and the recipient appears to be mailman at it012345.mydomain.com

Question is how can I change IT012345 with lists?
My mm_cfg.py file and postfix main.cf file point to lists.mydomain.com

Also why does the sender appears to be mailman-bounces and not just
Can this be changed too?


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