[Mailman-Users] welcome messsage and help message formatting

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed May 31 02:50:37 CEST 2006

Paul Navarre wrote

>I am running 2.1.8.
>I have a client with Outlook 2002. They do not receive the welcome message
>and help message in plain text, and this makes the messages look funny.

By help message, do you mean the response to a 'help' command sent to
listname-request at ...? If so, this message is a multipart/mixed message
with a text/plain body which is the responce to the 'help' command and
a message/rfc822 attachment which is a copy of the original message
sent to the -request address.

The list welcome message is a simple text/plain message. If it doesn't
appear to be in Outlook 2002, that's an Outlook 2002 issue, and you
might have more luck pursuing it on a list or support resource devoted
to Outlook.

>Can anybody help me understand why these messages are not in plain text for
>them? I assume it is something to do with their version of Outlook doing
>something strange. If there is anyway around this problem I would really
>like to hear about it. It would seem a small issue to me but they are really
>getting irritated about it.

See above.

>Also, can someone explain the funny logic behind how hard returns work?
>Apparently you need a space before before a hard return for it to be
>recognized. Why? Why doesn't it just work like any plain text renderer?

Are you talking about the list 'welcome_msg' text? If so, see the
'(Details for send_welcome_msg)' link where it says:

Note that this text will be wrapped, according to the following rules:

    * Each paragraph is filled so that no line is longer than 70
    * Any line that begins with whitespace is not filled.
    * A blank line separates paragraphs. 

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